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It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure the gun you buy is legal in your locality. This simple little rifle was offered in 18 and 20 barrel lengths and featured rifled bores known as the 26 and smooth bores known as the 26 12. Up for auction one vintage stock for a stevens 22 crack shot. Stevens arms company pat april 22, 19 chicopee falls, mass u. Single shot, with a side lever to operate the breech. I saw quite a few references to a model 26 but i dont recall seeing that. Cornell publications llc links to j stevens arms catalog. The rifle is lever action and the last patent date was april 22, 19. Their earliest product was a tipup action single shot pistol business was slow in 1870 when stevens occupied a converted grist mill and had just sixty employees. It operated as such until 1920, when it was taken over by savage arms company. Stevens model 55 or 56 deluxe single shot target rifle in 22 lr caliber.

Now, a subsidiary company of savage arms, the company still brands shotguns and rifles under the stevens name together with investors, w. Stevens single shot shotgun disassembly pt 1 duration. Were would i find parts for a stevens crackshot 26 in. Stevens arms company model 26 crack shot single shot 22lr.

Savagespringfieldstevens 26 crackshot parts gun parts. The stock is walnut and shows signs if normal field use. Can anyone tell me where i can find a stock and stock bolt for a crackshot 26. This firearm is considered a contemporary piece and will require the buyer to either be an ffl dealer or choose an. These 22 cals were a staple on the farm for critter control. Been looking at it for a few months and the price finally got to where. If you have any questions regarding this item, you should contact the seller before bidding. Also stamped 22long rifle on right side rear barrel. Stevens crack shot, breech loading rifle, chambered for.

Crack shot 26 the firearms forum the buying, selling. Ohio residents will be able to make arrangements to pick up firearms from north college hill gun store located at 1849 west galbraith road, cincinnati, oh 45239 5 9318185 five business days after the sale closing available for pick up after 12. Since posting the pictures of my stevens crack shot 22. Has some pitting out the barrel and the metal parts. What is the value of a stevens crackshot 22 answers. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at. The panic of 1873 had a further negative impact on sales. This rifle will generally be marked on the barrel in two lines j. This is the link to the patent drawings and description for the.

Stevens crack shot26 single shot rimfire rifle parts. We would rate the rifle excellent save for the rust which knocks it down to a fair condition. Otherwise, all other aspects of the rifle are correct and appears to be original. Your j stevens model 26 crackshot,is a boys type single shot rifle with a under lever opening,a 18in. J stevens crackshot 26 c28468 united states simpson ltd. Stevens crackshot 26 22 calabier rifle single shot with fall. Find j stevens for sale at, the worlds largest gun auction site. That version of the company name was not used until 1920, when stevens became a division of savage arms. Stevens arms was an american firearms manufacturer founded by joshua stevens in 1864 in. Those rifles made after the savage purchase of stevens will have svg stamped on the left rear of the frame. Stevens and company will celebrate 150 years of making highquality firearms. This firearm has a 20inch blued steel barrel, a rolling block action and a wooden stock. I believe the model you have based on that patent date could either be the springfield model 315 or the model 311.

Found this stevens no 26 crack shot at cabelas saturday. Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. It has operated as an independent division in this organization since. Im not grading expert here or anything but id call it patina. However it has had a primitive conversion thumb cock added to the loading block to open and load the rifle.

Stevens factory gun parts, savage factory gun repair parts, springfield factory gun repair parts, stevens 22 rigfle parts, stevens double shotgun parts, stevens automatic 22 parts, stevens obsolete gun parts, stevens obsolete firing pins, stevens 22 gun clips, stevens inside magazine. Ranger bolt action, heavy barrel, 22lr target rifle, made by stevens, 26 barrel, bases for. Stevens used the springfield name on some of their guns. Later, daviswarner was bought by hd folsom then traded as davis crescent crescent was created out of the beacon arms co, 1892 and in 1932 was bought by stevens. This would be a very nice crackshot but unfortunately the barel has a severe case of exterior rust about 12 way down the barrel. The left side of the receiver is marked crack shot26, along with a circled svg logo. Stevens arms and tools chicopee falls mass usa pat. Since posting the pictures of my stevens crack shot 22 rifle i have found the following pieces of. Blade front and adjustable sporting rear sights on a barrel marked with the two line stevens arms address, caliber, and 19 patent date information ahead of the rear sight. Dwaynethe crack shot 26 was manufactured between 1900 and 19 by stevens arms and tool of chicopee falls mas. What is the age of a j stevens arms co no 26 crack shot. What is the value of a stevens crackshot 26 22 caliber. Its an old but fun firearm that doesnt seem to get a lot of.

Overall length is 12 to the center of the curved buttstock. Stevens crackshot, model 26, 32 rimfire caliber, a boys length rifle, serial number j44x. In 1886, the company was reorganized and incorporated as j. Price guide for stevens crackshot26 single shot rifle. Stevens favorite and crack shot models gun values board. The left side of the receiver is marked crack shot 26, along with a circled svg logo. Stevens crack shot model 16 side lever 22 rifle asset. Fay and james taylor in chicopee falls, massachusetts, in 1864 as j.

The wrist has one crack on top and one crack on the bottom. Stevens arms co, which bought out springfield arms company. Stevens is located in chicopee falls, massachusetts. It is a take down model with a rolling block action. I remember as a youngun saying to momgoin out with the 22 and mom would reply ok be careful. Stevens old model pocket rifle, small frame, 22 rf, 10 bbl. The stevens model 26 crackshot was a later budget version of the stevens favorite. This shotgun will ship via fedex ground to the low. Afaik, no firearms factory, especially savagestevens, has ever released a schematic with measurements making the. Fay and james taylor, toolmaker joshua stevens founded the j. Stevens crack shot model 16 side lever 22 rifle for auction. I got this stevens crack shot as part of a trade and i dont know much about these things thumbnailsclick to enlarge model 26, april 22, 19 patent date.

Estate consignment is a stevens model 16 side lever crack shot 22 single shot rifle missing the side lever. Stevens was actually bought by savage in 1920 who continued to used the name for their budget line of guns. If you are still gathering info on crack shot rifles i think you will like this. I am quite sure you only shoot low velocity ammo in these. Presented for sale, you will find a stevens 94 chambered for 3 410 bore shotshells. This company produced a great many firearmsmost that were of an. Everything seems to work but it has seen a lot of use. All availble savage gun repair partsbobs gun shop,stevens gun repair parts springfield gun repair parts.

It has a drop block single shot firing mech and is very accurate with an adjustable rear sight. Smooth forearm and pistol grip stock with smooth steel buttplate. As you know, the company produced a wide array of tools, mostly machinist tools, as well as involvement in the automotive industry. Can anyone tell me where to get a schematic with measurements, and a place to obtain parts. Stevens arms was founded by joshua stevens with help from backers w. The j stevens arms company introduced the crackshot 26 and crackshot 26 12 single shot lever action rifles in 1912 and it was offered in 22 and 32 rimfire calibers. Stevens crack shot 26 reduced price gunboards dot com. If you have any information on this gun, know where i might find some information on it, or have any idea what it might be worth, please contact me.

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